Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring is Here

If something looks different about my blog, you're right. I replaced the wintry photograph in the heading with a picture taken last spring.

While the Chinese dogwood and azaleas are not in bloom quite this early, spring has definitely arrived and I couldn't be happier.

We have hellebores, crocus, snowdrops, hyacinths, and daffodils spreading gorgeous color throughout the flower beds and the grape hyacinths and miniature iris won't be far behind. The later blooming jonquils, daffodils and tulips are sending sword-like leaves and bud stalks skyward.

Everywhere I look, there is new green growth and beautiful punches of color. Our koi have come out of hibernation and swim to the surface when the sun warms the water. And at night we hear the peepers in the marsh.

The most exciting finds of the day, however, were not the most colorful. I was delighted to see the lilac shrubs loaded with leaf buds and flower spikes, still tiny but definitely hinting that their glorious fragrance and color will arrive early this season.

In our woodland garden, trillium are sprouting everywhere. Last spring, we imported several varieties from a grower in Canada and I can hardly wait for them to start blooming.

But most exciting and most indicative of the rebirth that is the hallmark of spring is the bird's nest that has appeared this week, nestled in the canes of the climbing rose on one of our trellises.

I haven't witnessed any birds attending to it but I'm hopeful that whoever built it will take up residence shortly and that we 'll be blessed with a growing family in residence in our rose garden.

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Jerri Kay said...

These pictures are wonderful Cathy, I hope you get a family of chirping birds, I love birds. We can't have Koi here, we live on a reserve, if the raccoons didn't find them, the gators certainly would . . . LOL! My friend came home to find only the bones left of her precious fish, a rather large water crane found them and made a delectable meal out of them . . . my poor friend was traumatized while I tried to keep a straight face as she repeated the story.