Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going Green for Earth Day and Every Day

Happy Earth Day - and I'm not a day late. ;) In our home, every day is Earth Day. We've been Going Green for years. But I love Earth Day because it's an opportunity to learn about so many new and creative ideas for living green.

We live by the mantra reuse, recycle and repurpose. If you want some great ideas about ways to do this, check out Kelli's blog, Simply Altered. Her blog is fabulous anyway - Kelli is the queen of altered projects with a definite minimalistic influence - but her Earth Day efforts are back to basics, economical, simple, and earth friendly. We're already doing most of the same things that Kelli does but I got some other great ideas from her blog and I'm hoping to get her recipe for home made laundry detergent!

At SplitCoast Stampers, Lauren (lollies) posted a poll and started a thread of recycling ideas. I picked up some wonderful hints there as well. Check it out.

The project I'm featuring today comes to you courtesy of the scrap box in my studio. In the course of a month, I actually throw away less than the equivalent of a small plastic grocery bag, and that is mostly the non-recyclable plastic parts of adhesives packaging, empty adhesives containers, and tiny scraps of ribbons and other non-recyclable scraps. The few scraps that I don't save to use later for another project get recycled in a box next to my work table.

I don't remember the last time I purchased gift wrap. I recycle and decorate bags and make small treasure boxes that become a part of the gift. Even the smallest scraps have found new life in these miniature treasure boxes. They're the perfect thing for wonderful "little" in size only gifts - pair of earrings, charm, or other small trinket. Click on the individual images for a larger view and check out the details.

During the Mothers and Daughters Blog Roll, which begins a week from today, I'll be posting detailed instructions and templates for these beautiful yet simple to make boxes and for many other equally fabulous treasure boxes in a variety of shapes and media. Some are designed to hold gifts and can be made to the exact size you need. But my friend Robyn recently spent a day crafting with me and showed me a fabulous idea for turning a treasure box into a photo album - a gift and package all in one. (Hint, if you subscribe to my blog now, you won't miss a single event! Scroll down for the link on the left.)

Be sure to pop back here for all of the exciting details, and most importantly, for all of the exciting projects and blog candy that we'll be featuring.

Stay tuned as well for more exciting pictures from our garden along with ideas and techniques for using home grown herbs and real flower elements in your card making and scrap booking, which will find their way into my blog throughout the gardening season.

I so love these Hellebores, the lovely Lenten Roses, which are blooming throughout our cottage, woodland, and shade gardens right now. The blooms are long-lived on the plant and the bloom season in New England is extensive. Last year they bloomed for over two months. But resist the urge to enjoy cut blossoms indoors. They much prefer the cool spring temperature and nutrients they get by remaining on the plant.


Karen said...

Wowzers!! Those are STUNNING!! What a creative and talented hand you have!! Your RE's mantra works great and obviously, you put it to good use! :> So glad I made my way here to your blog! :> TiikiStars @ the Shack

Jerri Kay said...

Cathy your boxes are absolutely adorable! I love them and what a creative way to recycle!