Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We Have Babies!!!!

Several weeks ago we noticed that a bird had built a nest in the middle of a large and sprawling clump of cranesbill in one of our perennial beds. I thought that was odd, since another bird has built a nest in the climbing roses on one of our trellises and there is no shortage of trees in our yard. But there is was, barely a few inches off the ground, nestled in among the stems and branches of the plant.

I've checked on the nest regularly and occasionally I've seen a nondescript brown and white bird sitting on the eggs in the nest. When I get too close for comfort, she hops out of the nest and under the leaves onto the garden floor.

Today when I was gardening, I saw her hop out of the garden and down the entire length of the walk to the butterfly garden, where she disappeared among the butterfly bushes. It occurred to me that perhaps she had been injured at some point and can no longer fly. Checking on the nest, I was delighted to find that two of the four eggs had just hatched! The pink, downy covered babes were opening their mouths for food but not making a sound.

We've cordoned off the area from the dogs and if the violent thunderstorms that are predicted for this evening come to pass, we'll shelter them with an umbrella. What a joy to see new life spring from the garden! I can hardly wait for the other two to hatch!

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